جمعه, 02 تیر 1396 |

Cooperation Needs a Price and Sometime High

There are a few governments in the world that can deny or having any doubt, whatsoever, the direct vital as well as positive role Iran can play on these crisis-stricken region developments. Nevertheless for some, this undeniable fact is still an ambiguous. Undoubtedly, this ambiguity will not serve the peace and security of the region.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing this irrational behavior in the course of ongoing nuclear talks between Iran and 5+1 in Vienna just in the present circumstances, which United States and its western allies absolutely need the role Iran can have and play in this crisis in the Middle East. For sure, this requires a confidence on the part of the other side .However we cannot see this unavoidable confidence when the talks are arriving at the second week and reportedly the two sides are widely different on some substantial issues. Unfortunately Americans' position is nothing but the lack of confidence in their talks with Iranian counterparts .This is just so when most well informed political sources and commentators and even high ranking officials of the a pretty number of governments are at the conviction that over the past year, Iran's foreign policy and behaviors have significantly changed for better, and this government is opt for positive interface with all countries of the world.

Americans are certainly aware that twelve years ago and in the course of negotiations aimed at the forming a united national government in Afghanistan In Bonne (Germany) , it was Mohammad javad Zarif, the present Iran foreign minister who did his good offices, on behalf of his government .and having a high critical role in uniting the northern forces to come to terms with the new government of Afghanistan. It was quite surprising and unexpected that former US president George W .Bush just three weeks after this achievement , called Iran one of countries of Axis of Devil! No doubt, it is the worst response ,in international norms, that might have been used by any country for a government that did its best and had a decisive role to secure the peace and stability in a country like Afghanistan. A country that gad great and tremendous plight, over twenty years, including foreign aggression ,civil war, poverty, famine and …

Iranian Government t, in these circumstances, commencing now for one year, has taken a pretty moderate and fair policy and has proved this not only by words but actually in deeds. However it is a great hapless that Barak Obama administration policies toward Iran, more or less, are pursuing those made by his predecessor. Certainly, everyone cannot but be sure that it is the new cons in different US Administration circles and particularly in the Senate, supported by powerful Zionist circles and lobbies that exerting not only considerable pressure on Obama to obstruct achievements of the ongoing nuclear talks, but impede the peace and security in the crisis- oriented Middle East and naturally Persian Gulf.

In the course of last year when Iranian President Hassan Rouhani did take office, he has not spared any effort to solving the domestic political and economic problems and most important set a new ground for foreign policy and having constructive and balanced interaction with all countries and, in particular ,the United States . As a matter of fact he has passed a transition period, being quite difficult and complicated. He proposed a resolution of anti violence and terrorism during the 68th session of United Nations General Assembly and it is a source of hope and delight that this proposal received the majority of approval and was adopted. During the first months tenure of his office, nuclear talks began and with the strong and good will of new Iranian administration led to the conclusion of Joint Action Plan which was a breakthrough of nuclear talks after one decade without any concrete results. More over the recent IAEA official reports all indicate that Iran has lived up to the agency rules and regulations, and so far no violations have been reported on the part of Iran.

Notwithstanding all these positive developments, or if you like shift, in Iran foreign policy and its new vision to international arena, we are witnessing no positive changes and/or just a little nudge in United States foreign policy; and particularly in the ongoing nuclear talks in Vienna, being the final round of talks in the Joint Action Plan, which term is to be expired 20 July of this year. Reportedly, there are rumors that the two sides are widely different on essential and substantial issues. This is just when the Iranian and US negotiators have had for the first time direct and bilateral talks, being unprecedented over the past 35 years. It is interesting that sometimes these talks have been at the high levels.

At present, there are very dangerous and serious developments taking place in this sensitive region of the world. The situations in Iraq are pretty susceptible and precarious and as some observers believe it is nearly uncontrollable and even blowing. It is quite obvious that passing and solving these dangerous crisis awfully need the cooperation and coordination of all concerned countries ,either those in the region neighboring Iraq or others being far away from the fray. There is no doubt the role of Iran in this is far too significant and decisive as well as unavoidable .United States is quite aware that Iran's role is vital and undeniable , given her political ,cultural and economic and most important of all religious influence in neighboring Iraq. However this time around, in spite of US need for Iran cooperation in resolving this dangerous problem that threatens not only the stability of the entire region but interests of US and Western allies and their partners, has a price.

US needs to know and certainly aware that Iran, like any country tops her national interests. Nuclear issue us undoubtedly is a part and an important ingredient of those interests. For its developments and industrial advancement, which is vital for future generations of this land, peaceful nuclear technology is a necessity. Particularly, now that Iran is committed to international rule and laws of IAEA. Besides, more than ever, either by words or in deeds, Iran has shown and proved her good will. But has resolvedly made it clear that peaceful nuclear energy is a inviolable right of this people as it can be for the people of other nations and will not set back from this reasonable and logic stand.Iran has time and again blatantly declare its full commitments to IEA regulations .It is quiet surprising that as to why United Sates insist, In the ongoing talks, on its positions, that may be inspired by those strong lobbies in Washington; and strictly expects Iran to give more concession which is neither justified nor to the best interests of Iranian people..

Having all these facts in mind it is a historical opportunity, as Secretary of State John Kerry has himself mentioned in his article in Washington Post last week, which United States can seize. But to make the best of this opportunity US needs to show more flexibility and be more confident of the good will of the other side. This is the price that US has to pay. The last but not the least is that existing differences between the two countries may remain long and having no relations but they could discuss on them too in the long run. Though this will not prevent them from cooperation on something that can be beneficial to everyone. Hopefully Americans have understood this before it may be too late.


* Abdolreza Ghofrani is a senior former Iranian diplomat and an analyst in international affairs