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Nowruz - A Manifestation of Iranian Culture

A miracle no politics and swords can perform
By: Fereydoun Majlessi
Nowruz is not tradition! It is culture! Nowruz is drawing and painting. It is Art! Nowruz is music, freshness, youth, love, and friendship. Nowruz symbolizes the victory of good over evil. It is the vernal equinox. It is setting aside rancours and enriching friendships and relationships. Nowruz is spring cleaning and removing impurities and pollutions from one's nest and self. Nowruz is a time for freshness, happiness, and smiles. Nowruz is higher than tradition and customs.

Erdogan’s Foreign Policy Is in Ruins

By Henri J. Barkey,

It wasn’t long ago that Turkish foreign policy was the talk of the town. Defined by the catchy phrase of “zero problems with the neighbors,” Turkey aimed to both improve relations with its neighborhood and slowly emerge as the dominant regional power. It was a classic case of enhancing soft power through democratization and economic reforms at home, coupled with shrewd diplomacy aimed at establishing Ankara as a mediator in the region’s conflicts.

What's Our Future

This robot prepared, partial forecast of the future of this topic predicts massive changes in the way we all live, learn and work during our lifetimes. Read on to find out how the human condition could change over the next 10-35 years.

?Is joint Arab militarism really the answer

BEIRUTWhen Egyptian President Abdelfattah Sisi announced in late Marchafter an Arab summit at Sharm el-Sheikh that leaders there had agreed onthe principle of creating a “joint Arab military force” to respond tosecurity threats in the region, the idea was greeted by considerableskepticism across much of the Arab world. Now, some two months later, and after chiefs-of-staff of Arab armed forces met in Egypt to discussthe matter further without announcing any of the results of theirdeliberations, the idea still elicits great doubts.

A Message from Iran

TEHRAN — WE made important progress in Switzerland earlier this month. With the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany, we agreed  on parameters to remove any doubt about the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program and to lift international sanctions against Iran.

By Opposition, What is France Up to

Nuclear talks have come to a critical and sensitive point, probably being conducive to a comprehensive political framework and eventually to an agreement; it is natural that the whole world attention be centered on this historical episode. In better words, everybody is expecting that these talks come to a decent conclusion, making a peaceful and calm international arena.

Netanyahu Last Vain Funny Show

by Abdolreza Ghofrani *

Through the past week and just after the conclusion of latest rounds of talks between Iran's foreign minister Mohammad, Javad Zarif and US secretary of state, John Kerry in Geneva some points have been discussed related to nuclear talks that are worthy to be underscored.

Harvesting Storms!

Fereydoun Majlessi *

After one and a half years of comprehensive negotiations over the limits of Iran’s nuclear activities and the lifting of the imposed sanctions, when hopes of reaching an agreement before the deadline are emerging, internal and external hardliners and warmongers have increased their destructive activities by putting their voices together with that of Israel and its regional allies to add fuel to the fire.

UN and Member States Mutual Cooperation Indispensible

Ever since 1945 when the United Nations was established, a good many international institutions, specialized agencies, as well as regional arrangements, mostly affiliated to UN have been founded, when necessary, all across the world and in particular in Asia, Europe and America as well as Africa.

US Policy Towards Iran Played Big Role in Rise of Sunni Extremism

Throughout the recent handwringing about how the US and other Westerncountries failed to foresee the emergence of ISIS, one factor has beentotally ignored, either intentionally or inadvertently: the impact ofWashington’s hostility towards Iran, especially its persistent tendency totreat any anti-Iranian movement or idea in the Middle East as either goodor the lesser evil compared to dealing with Tehran.

Why Iran, U.S. aren’t on quite the same side in fight against Islamic State

It might seem counter-intuitive to think that attacking the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, would damage Iran or Shi’ite interests in the Middle East. After all, Iran shares the West’s concerns about the radical Sunni group and is in a tacit alliance with the United States when it comes to defeating their common enemy. And yet, Iran fears it might end up being the loser in this battle.

Waiting for an Arab Spring of Ideas

DURING a recent visit to the United States, I was asked by intellectuals and journalists: Were we misled, during the Arab awakening, into thinking that Muslims could actually embrace democratic ideals? The short answer is no. Participants in the recent violent demonstrations over an Islamophobic video were a tiny minority.

A More Proactive UN is needed for Peace and Security

United Nations Security Council (SC), as stipulated in the Charter of this world body, is assigned to discharge its duties as the "peace keeper ' of the world. A single person nowadays knows well that this organ has to do this job through adopting the resolutions, restoring and secure peace and stability in any part of the world even though resorting to military force may be required.

Where the Policy is made and who pays the Bills

Just a few months back, this author discussed, in length, and contributed through an article titled " The confused US Foreign Policy, being Undecided, new Vision a must ". Over the past couple of months ,given the deterioration of the situation in this crisis oriented region , that is the Middle East ,US administration was expected ,at least , to take steps thwarting  the existing  perilous situation  going from bad to worse.

Cooperation Needs a Price and Sometime High

There are a few governments in the world that can deny or having any doubt, whatsoever, the direct vital as well as positive role Iran can play on these crisis-stricken region developments. Nevertheless for some, this undeniable fact is still an ambiguous. Undoubtedly, this ambiguity will not serve the peace and security of the region.